Shorts and Poetry

Short Stories – I enjoy writing short stories about all different types of things but these are my favorites.  Some are incredibly amusing and some are not.  I hope you enjoy them!

Adventures of M.J. & Daddy (P1)

The Kraken

The Black Dawn

The fog

The First Convention

A Bad Joke


Bob (Part 1)

Texas Frightmare

Ten Years Ago

Poetry is an outlet for me.  Most of it falls into the horror genre but there are some listed below that do not.    The ones listed under ‘My Zombedy’ are a sequence of poems that run together to tell a story.  No skipping around!  Once again I hope you enjoy!

My Zombedy:
The Undead (a poem)
Alice (an undead poem)
Love at first drool (an undead poem)
The shuffle (an undead poem)
Kayleigh (an undead poem)
The Statue (an undead poem)
The Two (an undead poem)
The Barrier (an undead poem)
The Mystery Man (an undead poem)
Z-Town (an undead poem)
The Congregation (an undead poem)
I’m Late ( an undead poem)
Construction (an undead poem)
The Hidden (an undead poem)
The Walk (an undead poem)
Frustration (an undead poem)
The Discussion (an undead poem)
The Tour (an undead poem)
The End (and undead poem)

Poetry – Other
From Pain to Joy
The Elbow


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