Zebediah Zombie

An Introduction by Benjamin Rogers

Through much of my research for current works in progress and FAITH & THE UNDEAD, I’ve stumbled across many unique individuals.  My co-author for this, Zebediah Zombie, is one of them.

I was looking for detailed information about the life of zombies on the Internet and found this gentleman who was more than willing to share details about his life as one of the undead.  He is a character to say the least.  Humorous, heartwarming, and a bit on the savage side, Zeb tried to write out in his own words for me what it was like to be a zombie.  The only problem was that I couldn’t read his chicken scratch through the blood and brain matter stains on the paper!

I eventually decided that the best course of action would be to travel to his ‘home’ and transcribe his words into multiple posts to share with you.  It contains interviews conducted by Dr. Pus and myself along with Zeb’s own stories about life as a reanimated corpse.

I hope you enjoy!





Here are links to the different interviews and articles!

Interview One

Interview Two


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