I write poetry for fun and to excercise my mind. Sometimes its just to exorcise my inner demons. I hope everyone likes what they read here. If you have suggestions, questions, or comments please don’t be shy to share them!


Joy and Fear
The Elbow
The Order of the FIST

Post-Apocalyptic Poems:
Flash Bang

It Comes…

Undead Poems (a series):
The Undead (a poem)
Alice (an undead poem)
Love at first drool (an undead poem)
The shuffle (an undead poem)
Kayleigh (an undead poem)
The Statue (an undead poem)
The Two (an undead poem)
The Barrier (an undead poem)
The Mystery Man (an undead poem)
Z-Town (an undead poem)
The Congregation (an undead poem)
I’m Late ( an undead poem)
Construction (an undead poem)
The Hidden (an undead poem)
The Walk (an undead poem)
Frustration (an undead poem)
The Discussion (an undead poem)
The Tour (an undead poem)
The End (and undead poem)


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