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Is it hard to find friends?

For people like me it is

Jaded views, a ghost of ones self

Friends you would do anything for

Friends that love you

Friends that respect you

I had friends like that once

In high school of all places

We were blood

We shared a common bond

The blue collar kids in a white collar town

We stood up for each other

We hung out

We were always there when needed

Almost twenty years have passed

They have found me

Will my two best friends still love me?

Will they respect me?

Will they see through the bitterness?

Will they respect me?

The first email a huge lump in my throat

I replied…my usual short and sweet self

The second email, another lump

I replied…my usual short and sweet self

The third email…different friend

Another damn lump

Then the pictures

Families, children, their lives

Am I finding who I was?

Why is this so hard for me?

I’ve worried so long about them

I’ve buried a lot of feelings

I’ve forgotten what friends mean

I’ve forgotten who I am

Are they the key to who I really am?

Did they miss me?

With a tear in my eye…I know I’ve missed them dearly

Welcome back my long lost friends

Of all these questions and concerns

I know one thing deep in my heart

I will NEVER lose touch with you both again