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Where have I been?  Oh never you mind, never you mind.

This June, Beth and I will be headed to Poland, New York to participate in the Trout Power Weekend (more at TroutPower.com).  We’ll be fishing some with my buddy, JP Ross and chasing down those elusive brook trout!

But back to the title.  What am I talking about?  Well the go to fly in the Adirondacks is The Usual.

img4d6b35fd6316cImage from FlyTyingForums.com

To achieve the best quality in this fly you need Snowshoe Hare‘s feet.  The proverbial lucky rabbit’s foot.  My local shop didn’t have any so I turned to online and ordered some from a few different places.  The one store I’ve always had great success with is Hook & Hackle.  I highly recommend them for their service.

I also ordered from another shop that shall not be named as of yet.  The payment was through PayPal and I have yet to receive anything including an email.  It’s been almost 2 weeks now.

On top of those I ordered some pretied flies as samples from someone claiming to be an associate of Fran Betters, the originator of The Usual.  Nothing, nada, zilch.  Again the transaction was through PayPal.

Intentionally I’m not naming names at this point but I certainly hope my mailbox explodes shortly with orders coming in or I’m going to be busy with PayPal and on here blasting certain businesses.

So what the Hell have you all been up to?