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As you have seen from the posts I’ve had a rough two years.  The last event was my mother’s passing in December.  One of our last conversations together was about me fishing since my family had always been into golf.  She said that she understood why I had given up the game but was curious as to why I had chosen fishing.

I explained that it wasn’t so much about catching a fish and that in all honesty that was a perk, but it was being out in nature away from modern society.  The ability to see wildlife in it’s natural habit with no computers, tv’s or radio was very alluring.  She was so happy for me for having found something that actually brings me some modicum of peace.  One of that last statements she said to me was to never stop fishing as long as it brought me joy.

That was the point where I decided to purchase something special.  I had rods and the kayaks but now it was time for something really out of the ordinary, a custom fly rod.  I shopped around and talked to friends, read books and did my general research.  At first I was going to purchase a custom bamboo rod until I really thought about the price tag.  For a good custom bamboo rod it would be around $3000.  A little steep in my book.

I finally stumbled onto JP Ross Fly Rods and became entranced.  The first thing that tickle my interest was his use of the Templar Cross in his logo and the explanation of that cross located on his website at http://jprossflyrods.com.  I investigated the type of rods he makes and found one that tickled my fancy, The Beaver Meadow.  This was a small stream and creek rod that would be perfect for trout and smaller smallmouth bass here in Central Ohio.  The pricing can’t be beat either!  JP makes a 5’ 2wt fly rod that is almost unheard of!  One of the things that Beth and I have been seriously consider is traveling into the Appalachians and Adirondacks to fish native trout and this rod is MADE for that!

As for the details of the rod and my experience working with JP, I’ll be reporting that in the second part of this three part series which will probably be released tomorrow night.

Now let me leave you with a short video about JP Ross Fly Rods: