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Deep inside the murderous and steamy bowels of Hell, my sanity has gone missing.  It went out for lunch on a playdate with my conscience one day and never returned leaving me to fend for myself in this over-obsessed realm.  At first it was just the self doubt creeping in, but after time the flood gates opened allowing every dark piece of me to grab hold.

As I said, self doubt got in first.  Am I a good father?  Am I making the right decisions for myself and my daughter?  What should I do now?

Next it was the self loathing.  I’m fat.  Why don’t I have self control?  What the hell is wrong with me…

Then the paranoia.  Everything people said and did came off as being aimed directly at me even though they could have been talking to someone else.

How do I know all this?  I got a mental cablegram the other night that said in bright neon letters.


Monday my friend.  Monday is that day that I start my battle with Satan, Lucifer, or whatever you want to call him to regain my sanity.  If I have to put on a fire suit and walk into the dank intestines of the underworld to find it, I will.  Nothing will stop me in this mission.