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My name is Hubert Snagatree and today we’ll be interviewing world famous author, fisherman, and all around loon, Benjamin Rogers

Snagatree : So Mr. Rogers tell me a little bit about yourself,

Me: (the leather arms of the chair creak and my knuckles whiten as I tighten my grip and lean forward doing my best Bela Lugosi as Dracula face) I AM THE LORD OF ALL THAT IS FISHING!

Snagatree: (after a long uncomfortable pause) Uh, Mr. Rogers, other people will be reading this interview…

Me: (Looking around sheepishly) So your saying I should be somewhat serious?

Snagatree : It wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Me: Got a beer?

Snagstree: How about an IC Light?

Me: Now we’re talking!!

Snagatree: So Mr. Rogers where have you been for the past few months?

Me: First of call me Ben and secondly, I just took some time away from life to heal some personal wounds.

Snagatree: Does that mean you haven’t been fishing?

Me: I’ve been getting in some time on the water here and there catching Bluegill and Bass.

Snagatree: How many fishing poles do you have?

Me: Kinda racist isn’t it?  Why do they have to be Polish?  Why not Welsh or Czech?

Snagatree: Rods, Ben, I mean fishing rods.

Me: Oh.  Sorry about that.  I have two baitcasters, 2 spinning combos, and 4 fly rods not including a few antique rods and reels.

Snagatree: Why so many?

Me: I took a class in the Navy once called ‘Tools and their uses’ and that applies here.  Each rod is used for something different.

Snagatree: So back to the question, where have you been?

Me: I told you I was healing and I was actually also moving.

Snagatree: Did you do any writing?

Me: Nope.  I’ve been very busy with unpacking and the move and a lot of other fun stuff.  I hope to get back to writing in the near future.  Even if I did give up the pen eventually I’d like to finish all my manuscripts first so I’d walk away having completed what I started.

Snagatree: So you’ll continue writing?

Me: I have every intention of writing again within the next couple months.

Snagatree: How about a sneak peek at the projects you’re working on?

Me:  Azrael: Burning Rain from KnightWatch Press and probably the second book in the Trilogy of the Undead or How Fishing Saved My Life (or Jonah and the Largemouth Bass).  Dude, you got any more beer?  I have a feeling you have a few more questions….