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is HIGHLY overrated.  Had a bit of an experience this past weekend while wading the Big Darby Creek here in Ohio.  Where my friend Steve and I were it was only a few feet deep but the current was strong!  To make a long story short, the current swept my feet out from under me and down I went.  I did however have a few things I do when wade fishing validated.


1) ALWAYS where your safety belt.  Most waders have an elastic pull cord built into the chest that should always be pulled tight however waders also come with an additional belt that gets strapped around the chest.  Make sure it’s on tight and feels like someone is hugging you tightly.  The reason for this is that it will buy you the time you need to get back up by preventing water from rushing down inside your waders and dragging you down even more.  While my 4 shirts were sopping wet my pants were over 80% dry because of that belt.

2) I always recommend that you have a chest pack or vest of some sort for your fishing gear.  This, if pulled tight, will also help prevent your waders from filling up.

3) Don’t wade alone!  Even if you tell someone where you are, if you fall in the first 10 minutes of being there, and nobody checks on you for 4 hours who knows what could have gone wrong.

4) If the current even looks questionable for wading, DON’T DO IT!


Just some simple safety thoughts that I wanted to share.  Ignore them if you want, but I wouldn’t!!