why you are seeing this show up in your feed if you are on Facebook OR you have stumbled across this for the first time.

My name is Benjamin Rogers and some of you know me as an author of Horror and Zombie novels.  The past two years have taken an emotional toll on me and I’ve decided to take a good hard look at myself and who I am.  It actually started earlier this year with me seriously picking up a fishing pole for the first time in nearly fifteen years.

Over this past summer I’ve started and stopped my writing career multiple times and have struggled greatly each time, not just letting myself down but disappointing friends and acquaintances.  By replacing the pen with the fishing pole I’m trying to figure out a lot about myself.

The things I post here are not meant to receive pity nor am I looking for a shoulder to cry on.  I’ve got two of my own, thank you very much.  If you want to shoot me a message and say, ‘Hey, I hope everything’s okay!’  or ‘You are a knuckled head! that would be awesome.  I will regale you with stories from the search for myself through nature and fishing.  The things I post are not open to debate.  They are their for you to enjoy, laugh at, wonder at my stupidity and in some cases cry about.

This is my story.


(PS. Zombies won’t disappear on here.  Keep your eyes open for some newer items from time to time!)