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I was screwing around thinking about all the crazy stuff that I had done and seen while fishing this year.  Those stories HAD to be told so I started writing about the things that had happened while I had a rod in my hand and was attempting to catch a fish.

As I continued to tell these stories the word count grew (remember I’m an author by hobby so these things matter) and the laughter in my mind roared uncontrollably.  Not only was I telling tales again but the stories were humorous, frustrating and saddening. 

A couple people have read what I’ve written and suggested I do something with it so I decided to share my ongoing adventures in the world of fishing in hopes that someone else might pick up the rod and reel for the right reasons.

Every few days I’ll release a new story on here (well maybe every week) for your inspection and enjoyment.  I really wanted to come up with a catchy title but in the end I settled for the truth mixed with catchiness.

HOW FISHING SAVED MY LIFE: Jonah and the Largemouth Bass

by Benjamin Rogers


Stay tuned my friends!