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Today was not one of my better ones.  Work has been very frustrating lately pushing me to my limits.  I won’t lie.  I’ve wanted to just pack it in and walk out, but I haven’t…yet.

On top of that I had to bring work home and try to play catch up because of the overwhelming amount of tasks that we have on our plate at the office.  Now I have a three day weekend with Monday being my birthday, but I still don’t want to have to work this weekend.

Now in between these two events I had a doctor’s appointment and let’s suffice to say it didn’t go very well.  I’m overweight.  I weigh in at approximately 288.  This sucks.  The problem is that a lack of taking care of myself and genetics has caused me to develop Diabetes and that blows.  Then I got told that cholesterol is bad.  Not just bad but I have to take medication.  The only glimmer in all of this is that they are manageable.  I can control the Diabetes through diet and they are putting me on cholesterol medication.  The doctor seemed to feel things weren’t out of control but they certainly weren’t good but now is the time where I need to step up and lose, weight, stop smoking and diet to stay healthy.  I’ll be updating everyone as this goes along hopefully with one weekly post about my progress. 

I also have to begin a structured regimen of cardiovascular exercise to help burn of some of my excess weight.  The major concern was that every problem I have leads to heart disease in a MASSIVE way.

Fortunately I have a wonderful wife who used to work for the American Diabetes Association.  She is working to help me through this stumbling block and get both of us as healthy as possible.

So that was my day.  How about yours?