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I have friends and family members that are gay, bi, or lesbians.  That being said it really sticks in my craw when somebody bashes them.  It really hurts to see friends and family members in pain because of someone’s hateful comments.  Let me see if I can explain in detail.

Many people see gays as a whole.  Just as with race and religion this is not the case.  I can show you some of the greatest white trash in my race but I can also show you some of the most caring whites I’ve ever met.  This applies to all races not just mine.  The same thing applies to the LGBT group.  You have incredibly flamboyant LGBT and then you have people you would NEVER know if they were LGBT.  You could be bashing to someone that is.  Now that thought is funny!  What size shoe do you where?  Wait I just measure the opening of your mouth because your foot fit in there so well.

Some people claim that through religion LGBT is proven to be a sin.  Fine.  I can respect your belief.  But guess what?  Don’t throw it in other people’s faces.  I don’t care what you believe and neither do most others.  It’s YOUR belief so please keep it to yourself.

“Well I just think it’s unnatural.”  Once again I can respect that.  Your belief.  Keep it to yourself.  But have you ever visualized the act of coitus in your mind and how it works?  No offense God but it does look pretty damn silly.

The aforementioned three items are somewhat ‘questionable’ reasons to dislike gays.  Fine.  That’s your belief.  Because its your belief I won’t bash you for it.  BUT DAMNIT DON’T YOU DARE BASH THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE!

You want to say being LGBT is not genetic and to prove it so.  I tell you to prove it isn’t.  You don’t know.  Nobody knows but I’ll tell you that it doesn’t matter.  You don’t effin’ treat other human beings that way.  You don’t like it?  Don’t associate with them.  I’m pretty damn sure they won’t mind.  If you are in public and you see two men or women holding hands don’t freak out.  The word is ‘public’, there are other people there also that aren’t you!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that in a civilization where we have to categorize everything, don’t categorize other people.  We all have a hard enough of a time as it it, don’t make things harder for others that are different than you.

Can’t we all just tolerate each other?