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Let’s get the Announcements portion of this post out of the way!


I had mentioned a surprise in my last post and I think that was probably the wrong word to use, it should have been CONTEST!  I’m rapidly approaching 10,000 hits on this blog and I’d like to celebrate a little bit.  The last time I tried this I used a Japanese word and we had a bit of a fiasco with things, so here is the deal:

1)  I need a screenshot showing the counter on the right hand side of this page sitting at 10000. 

2)  Send me a link of where the screenshot is or the screenshot itself!

3)  This is a first come first serve type of deal.  The first one I get is the winner! (I can be held responsible for speed limitations set by Al Gore when he created the Internet)

Now of course everyone is going to want to know what the prize is.  This isn’t hard since I’m a writer.  I’m going to make this very very easy compared to last time.  The winner will receive a write-in in my novel.  The winner may choose the name of the character to be used, but I solely hold the final choice as to where this character comes in.  This will NOT be a main character but will definitely have more than just their name mentioned!


News around here sucks.  Twelve inches of snow (pictures later today I think) and it is so wet and heavy that I have to shovel it which tears up my knees and back.  More snow is coming on Tuesday.  I hate snow.  This sucks. 

Haven’t gotten back to the novel yet.  Was medicated yesterday do to shoveling attempts that didn’t go so well. 

Tonight is Italian Sausage in the Crockpot with onions and peppers!  I can’t wait.

Now for the bad news.  Doctor wants to see me about my cholesterol and blood sugar.  I have an appointment this Friday.  We’ll just have to see what happens.  It’s hard to tell right now but I may be making some major changes to my diet!

Hope everyone is well and wait for the pictures!!