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Death has reached out and taken a dear friends family member.  She was young and left a husband, three year old, and one year old.  I guess I just don’t understand.

One day I hope to work on my novel again.  I know exactly where I’m going with it.  I have the scenes laid out in my head and I know what I want to accomplish with them.  For some reason I just can’t type it.  Sooner or later it will come and when it does watch out because it’s going to be unbelievable!

On a brighter note, in less than two years I will most likely cross 10000 hits on the blog.  For this I am thankful to you all for visiting.  I hope that my content has been entertaining, informative, and questionable.  Stay tuned because my fiction work will be coming back here in the very near future as I ‘shut down’ my fiction blog and redesign this one.  I’m really looking forward to refreshing this one for everyone and I might even be enticed to add some new cool features.

Writing this has made feel so much better that I have decided to try something that I did along time ago and will be doing again.  Stay tuned for an update on a little surprise!!!