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I should preface this by saying that Kody Boye and I have been friends for roughly a year but never fear, I’m as hard on my friends as I am myself.

16158_190795393232_594383232_3037180_622285_n‘An Amorous Thing’ is perhaps one of the best horror collections I’ve ever read.  What makes this collection better than others I have read is Kody’s ability to  weave a variety of short stories across the genre of horror without stepping on his own toes.  Each story has a different feel for different sub-genres of the horror category.  Some of the stories are suspenseful, some are horrifying, and some are shocking. 

For this collection to come from a seventeen year old man is quite amazing.  The stories are perfectly crafted to not only grab the reader, but to also keep you guessing for the end of the story.  You are never let down as you turn the pages of each story wondering what twist and turn is coming next.  Once you’ve calmed down from reading that story and begin the next, you are immediately drawn in by the change in approach of the new story.

The central theme of affection is woven skillfully throughout maintaining a common tie between the stories but not overwhelming them allowing each story to stand alone delivering its own punch to the reader’s head.  Each story is disturbing in its own right, but the momentary touch of affection adds a sense of realism to each story pulling the reader even further inside.

As I thought about writing this review, I pondered whether I was going to go into detail about each story and after long thought I’ve decided against it.  I feel that if mention anything I’ll truly be spoiling the stories and that would be absolutely wrong.  I can only say that you need this book.  If you were to purchase any anthology or novel this year, it should be ‘An Amorous Thing’.  I’m willing to bet that Kody will be at Horror Realm this year and would love to sign your copy.  Click on the picture above to go directly to Amazon to purchase a copy.  Kody has also generously provided a Kindle version of ‘An Amorous Thing’ for those of you with a Kindle. 

Kody, you’ve hit a homerun with ‘ An Amorous Thing’!!