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myself sometimes.  I will catch myself staring off into space thinking about God knows what.  What’s worse is that sometimes other people watch me do it.  I wonder if they are afraid of me? 

Many times I’ve been asked the question, ‘Where do you get your ideas for writing?’  That’s what happens when I lose myself in thought.  Ideas are running through my head at warp speed and I get lost in them.  Ever wonder where the idea of a time traveling zombie hunter came from?  Seriously, that is some crazy shit.  Wait until I unveil my new novel.  It is…different.  A throwback some my say to the zombie lore of yesteryear.

I wasn’t even going to do a blog post until I do my review of my good friend,  Kody Boye’sAn Amorous Thing’ (click the links for his personal page or to purchase on Amazon).  Life has been interesting here with work, Mallory, grieving, and writing as of late.  Well, scratch the last one, I haven’t written in a while, but with fingers crossed I’ll be back at it soon.


I have an amazing ability to allow my mind to warp and ponder some very strange things some times that maybe many are to afraid to think about.  For example, here are three thoughts that have been whipping around in my head lately in no particular order:

1) Has anyone ever noticed that the only major difference between any religion is the concept of the Messiah?

2) What would happen if we as a nation stood up one day and fired every damn politician in this country down to the local level?

3) Were the original 9 Knights Templar really Mason’s also?

See?  I told you they were somewhat odd.  I think it comes from my Dad exposing me to….No not chemicals…but all types of different concepts and ideas.  I love my Mom to the ends of the Earth but she isn’t DEEP.  Dad on the other hand was DEEP.  This was the 50 year old that went to see Pink Floyd with me.  Used to see laser light shows and would watch oddball movies with me.  Not stupid crap either, but movies that would make you look inside yourself.  Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and Bergman’s The Seventh Seal were a couple of our favorites. 

So why do I look at you sometimes and then stare off into space?  Well it breaks down in this order:

1)  In my story do you live or die?

2)  If you die is it messy?

3)  If yes then your ass is mine and I get to pick the monster that whacks you.  My guess is that 3 out of 4 times it will be a zombie, but I’m not prejudice towards other creatures.

4)  If you do die by a zombie’s emaciated shriveled hands grasping at your body as stale dank breath clouds around you and you feel the rending and tearing of your own flesh, then I have to decide to let your corpse rest or reanimate you so that the hero of the story can whack you again.

5)  Finally, I have to pick a method for the hero to whack you.  Is it blood and guts or cerebral?  Chainsaw or religious relic?  Sword or flamethrower?

See it’s not as easy as you think.  I’m not just zoning out because I’m some nut job (well, maybe but that is only 1 out 10 times).  It is because I have a lot to think about in planning your death.  Killing people off is very hard work and can tax your brain.  So be nice to me next time I’m staring off in the far distance, it might keep you alive a little longer!

Love ya,


(Just to avoid confusion, I am a writer an being facetious above.  I’m not really going to kill anyone.  At least not at this stage of my life.)