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I love this season. I love the holidays. Decorating, trimming the tree and putting up lights on the house are some of my all time favorite things. Unfortunately this year has been incredibly difficult for me and the holiday season.

My fathers cancer is active again and causing many problems including confusion for him. The cancer eats at the calcium in his bones and then sends the calcium to his brain which causes all types of issues with cognitive abilities. Being the only child here in Ohio, I try to see him once a week and call every other day but that is obviously beginning to take a toll. Plain and simple, it just isn’t easy.

Many of you also know I’m working on a new novel (funny because I’ve never had one published). I’ve hit another brick wall with that as I haven’t touched it in almost a couple weeks. This sucks because I so wanted to be in editing mode at this point so I could submit it in January but that just doesn’t look like its going to happen which is very disappointing to me. I had a goal and couldn’t stick to it, now it makes it even harder to pick back up and carry on with the story. So sad and frustrating.

My fish, Adi, named after one of my characters, has been playing some serious mind games with me. Adi seems to die and come back to life every other day. Now I’ve never had a Betta before but this guy is a trip. I got some medicine and did a tank cleaning for him yesterday afternoon so we’ll see how he responds to the treatment. He is a beautiful blue and red Crown Tail Betta and I hope to have a picture of him up here one day. He is pretty slick actually. This is a test between me and my wife to see if I get a bigger tank next year.

Of course I still have the daunting basement mess to deal with. I’m to a point where I can’t work on any other projects until I get the basement resolved because I need the space to paint trim and setup my saw.

To end on a bright note, this is Mallory’s first Xmas. Kristy and I didn’t get her a whole lot, but I have a feeling that Santa (namely grandparents and aunts/uncles) got her some really cool stuff!

How are you guys doing this holiday season? Didn’t mean to be so depressing but sometimes it just helps to get it out in words.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas or Frohliche Weinachten and Blessed Be on this Winter Solstice!