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Today I had the opportunity to watch the memorial service at Fort Hood.  As I wipe away my tears I realized that my sailor was coming out and that isn’t always a good thing.

1) If you have never listened to radio host Michael Savage, save yourself the time.  This man is the most vile, racist piece of garbage I have ever had the displeasure of listening to.  He is worthless and disgusting.  Michael Savage spreads hate and discontent that will cause this nation to fall further into ruin than it already is.  Michael Savage, I should sue you for the wasted 2 hours I listened to your mindless drivel giving you every opportunity to redeem yourself.


2)  This is potentially the most important thing I have ever had to say on here.  YOU (and yes I mean YOU), if you have any intention of hurting the population of this country or our ideals, please prepare to die.  You and your little mindless army could invade this country and destroy many of us BUT as long as there is ONE American left alive we will fight.  We will come and come and keep coming until we win back our FREEDOM.

We are diverse.  We are the definition of melting pot.  We come from the four corners of this world.  We practice ALL religions.  We eat different things.  We can speak different languages.  We have different customs.  We are unique.  We are ONE.

We are Americans and you hate us for it.  If you want to come out of the shadows and quit sneaking through the night like the weasels you are then you would see that we are a loving people.  You may come here and be FREE.  Do you understand that?  You may be as conservative in your beliefs as you like.  As long as you don’t hurt anyone, you may do as you like.

You claim to attack us in the name of religion but I will tell you that no matter your religion, you shame your deity with your attacks.  Killing innocents in his/ her name gets you no closer to your version of the Christian Heaven.  You are fools.  You could come here and have all the advantages in the world yet you choose to persecute those that don’t believe as you do.

Stop now.  Please.  Do not sacrifice anymore innocent lives.  If you wish to fight we will match you troop for troop on any battle field of you choosing.  Just stop killing innocents.  Morally it is reprehensible.


3) For those involved in the Fort Hood shooting, whether you were injured or lost a loved one, I am sorry.  I am sorry I was not there to drag you out of the fire fight.  I’m sorry I was not there to take a bullet for you.  I’m sorry you lost a loved one, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or sister.  I am sorry and can only make a pledge to you that I will raise my own daughter in your loved ones image.  To love this country and respect others.  To enjoy freedom and defend it.


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