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I went into my office/ writing room last night intent on cleaning and hanging some shelves but got mildly distracted. Netflix has the ability to stream across the Internet and I decided to do so while I worked. An hour later I realized that my feet were propped up on my desk watching the movie.

I chose a movie I’d never heard of called ‘Mutant Chronicles’. Without ruining anything I’ll say that it involves zombies/mutants, alien tech, steam-punk, and a dystopian future. Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman star in the movie and I have to say that I added it to my Xmas list immediately. Absolutely awesome! The acting wasn’t bad at all and cgi along with the special effects were incredible!

I would highly recommend this to those of us into the dark, weird, and dystopian type movies.  Hopefully Santa will put a copy under the tree for me this Christmas!