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or at least my history.  A lot of people have been asking me lately how I became a writer and published poet or why I got into zombies in the first place.  Well, here is my story.

It began many many years ago right after we had moved to Pittsburgh, PA.  My parents had bought a 150 year old home in a small town name Sewickley that needed a lot of landscaping and work.  On the weekends my father and I were inseparable working outside or in from dawn till dusk.

One weekend we had torrential downpours and for some reason Dad didn’t want to work inside the house that day (I think his back was acting up) so he and I sat on the couch watching reruns of the ‘Rat Patrol’ followed by Superhost on WUAB out of Cleveland.  That morning would change my life forever.

Superhost showed a lot of B-grade horror movies and that weekend that had on what I now consider a classic, ‘The Omega Man’ starring Charlton Heston.  While the bad guys in the move were NOT zombies (that’s a post for another day), it was the first apocalyptic film with a villain of that type in it I had ever been exposed to.  I can remember being scared at age 6 or 7 and burying my face in my father’s shirt out of fear.

As I grew up my fascination with other types of horror grew to include ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Children of the Corn’, and sorted others.  My first official book that was apocalyptic was the series ‘The Ashes’ by William Johnstone.  I discovered that series in my early teens and at multiple times have owned the entire series, finally selling it off just earlier this year.  If you have never read them I recommend them for adults that enjoy politics, horror, and post apocalyptic themes.

Movie wise the eighties were wonderful.  I found the movies ‘Mad Max’, ‘The Road Warrior’, and ‘Metal Storm’.  For me these were incredible films dealing with the apocalypse and how to survive.

As for my later years I finally read ‘The Stand’ and watched the movie.  I loved it.  My eyes were open to all different types of possibilities of the apocalypse.

Now you are probably wondering if I grew up in Pittsburgh didn’t I forget to mention something.  I’m getting to that point now. The Dead movies.  ‘Night of the Living Dead’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’ (not the crappy remake), ‘Day of the Dead’ and ‘Land of the Dead’.  Classics each and every one.  I have been fortunate in my life to meet George Romero (During the filming of ‘Monkeyshines’) and this past weekend I met Ken Foree, Tom Savini, Helicopter Zombie, Machete Zombie, and Grey Suit Zombie.  It was absolutely wonderful to talk to these men about the movies they were in.  A chance of a lifetime.  These movies are truly the impetus behind much of my work anymore.

As a man in his mid-thirties I discovered the wonderful world of online novels.  Works like ‘Autumn’ by David Moody and ‘Empire’ by David Dunwoody (aka The Dunwoody).  I made dear friends in J. Dane Tyler and Bryce Beattie (authors of ‘Ghost Hunters’ and ‘Oasis’ respectively).  Then I joined the Library.  Not my local one but the Library of the Living Dead (see link to them on side panel).  That is when I found out about Horror Realm and got to meet so many of my favorite authors seen in the photos HERE.

So you wonder why I write what I do and enjoy what I do?  There is your answer.  I grew up with it and it is now engrained into my blood.  I am a horror author and poet.  You know what?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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