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Obviously most of you know that I went to Horror Realm 2009 over the weekend and got to meet a lot of the authors that I love to read.  Yes the majority of them write about zombies, but hey, it’s what I’m into.

I had a chance to speak one on one with many of the authors discussing different aspects of writing.  I spoke with Jonathan Maberry and S.G. Browne about chapter lengths and structures.  I got encouragement from  Scott A. Johnson, David Dunwoody, Dr. Pus and many more. 

Perhaps the most shocking part was when Stephen North actually read the 19 or 20 chapters of Journals of the Apocalypse and asked me if I had multiple versions of it.  We came to find out that Stephen had actually read JotA when it was still published on my blog.  He really encouraged me to take up the keyboard and finish JotA and get it submitted to the Library for publishing. (My goal is to have it submitted by Christmas)

I also spent time speaking with Eric S. Browne who really encouraged me to take the plunge and get my work out there.  We talked submissions and publishing for a very long time and it was wonderful of him to take that time to speak with me.  He even talked with Kristy for awhile on how to encourage me to finish my novel.

So I’m left with a dilemma, what to do now?  Well some of the guys even helped me with that.  They suggested I take JotA and reread it from the beginning and get back into the swing of things.  The ideas should run rampant.  See I have this goal, at Horror Realm 2009 I was the fanboy, but next year I will be on the other side of the table signing my book ‘Civilization: End’ (what you know as JotA).

It will happen.  Between my desire and my wife’s encouragement, I will be a guest next year and not a weekend passer.


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