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Kody Boye is the 17 year old author of the zombie novel ‘Sunrise’


Rhiannon Frater is the author of the highly successful and independently published ‘As the World Dies’ trilogy with has been optioned for a movie or television


Scott A. & Tabby Johnson.  Scott is a highly successful author and paranormal investigator.  Highly amusing and also a great author, Scott provided me with some great moments of insight and humor through the weekend.  Be sure to check out his novel ‘Deadlands’


Stephen North is the author of the widely acclaimed zombie novel ‘Dead Tide’.  Stephen and I spent quite a bit of time discussing Post Apocalyptic novels and writing styles at Horror Realm and he is going to be a huge impetus and help finishing my current project.  (More to come on that in a later post.)


Eric S. Browne during his reading at a writer’s panel on Sunday.  Eric took a lot of his personal time at Horror Realm to talk to me about writing and publishing.  Things like what to expect out there and for that I am incredibly grateful.  Thanks Eric!



The Man, The Myth, THE DUNWOODY.  That’s right folks, this is David Dunwoody, author of the critically acclaimed novel ‘Empire’.  Though now legally blind, David continues to write with passion and originality.  His next novel coming out is ‘Harvest Cycle’ which is basically what would happen if H.P. Lovecraft and Isaac Asimov had a love child.  I’ve read it and the story is absolutely amazing and disturbing!



If THE DUNWOODY  is the man, Dr. Pus is an icon.  Dr. Pus is one of the most influential people in the small press industry and makes sure that we all have a chance to write and be published.  During the day he is a dentist but by night he is Dr. Pus, Super Publisher!

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