I just wanted to clarify some things since I’ve been asked so many questions about Kristy being on her business trip.

1) Yes I help with diaper changes, feedings, and dressing Mallory.  HOWEVER this has been the first time either one of us was alone with her for an extended period of time where there was no backup coming home from work at 5PM.

2) Yes I am her father.  Where do you think she got her smart ass nature from?

3) Taking care of a 4 month old, yourself, and two sheepdogs is a challenge for a first time parent (especially on the male side).  I don’t truly understand the nuances of this the way my wife does, but I think I did a pretty damned good job.

You kicked ass dad!  You tell ‘em!

Thanks, kid.  Let’s go lick a salt block and get the twitches together.

You didn’t learn your lesson the other night with that Teriyaki sauce?

Oh yeah.  That was kinda ugly wasn’t it?

Shaking like a crack head jonesing for his next rock?  Not so much.

How about a cup of coffee?

Now your talking!  Timmy Ho’s here we come!  Triple-Triple bitches!

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