They have been filled with extreme diaper blowouts (including in the crib), allergic reactions to MSG and otherwise fun times.  Although I’ll need tongs to take the pants to the basement from today.

So Mallory, how do you think we did?

Dad, at first I thought you sucked as a primary care giver but looking back now and taking into consideration that I’m still alive, I’ve got to give you credit.

And don’t mention the blowouts please?  A potential husband/ boyfriend might read this!!

Tell you what kid, you never mention the words boyfriend or husband for a long long time and I won’t mention the blowout.

What about the movies we watched?  That was fun.

If you count the Godfather trilogy, Death Race, Shaun of the Dead, Monty Python, and the Chronicles of Riddick fun.  How come you never asked me what I wanted to watch?

When you can walk to the movie shelf, you can pick.

Speaking of blowouts, how are the plans going to take over the world?



[makes eyes at Daddy]

[Daddy melts]

Quite well actually.  Thank you for asking.

Mommy comes home tonight.

Oh crap!  I haven’t gotten to stage two yet!

[Daddy laughs]

Drats!  Foiled Again!


At that folks ends the four day nightmare.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Mallory in the near future and I have something I’m planning for here so keep your eyes open!

Ben, Mallory and the silent observers, Jersey & Shiloh

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