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Well I guess it could be somewhat funny but who knows!

The Garden – I’m finally starting to get 100_2140 veggies out of the garden and I really couldn’t be happier.  This was just meant to be a test and we have an abundance of cucumbers and tomatoes right now.  Perhaps my biggest surprise were the 5 eggplants I have out there right now!  The weird thing is my zucchini plants have produced tons of flowers and blooms but not a single zucchini.  I have grape tomatoes, Roma tomatoes (Amish Paste) and some accidental Beefsteak tomatoes.


100_2142  100_2141 100_2147 100_2145

The Tripod – I broke down and bought a camera tripod this morning.  I got it for $15 at Meijers and it is awesome.  All three legs are height adjustable along with the neck of the tripod.  It can be panned left, right, up and down.  This is exciting to me because it fits our Kodak camera and the Camcorder which puts a big smile on my face because I’ll be able to use it for my cooking blog over at Boiling and Beyond.

Half.com – Bite me.  You guys have absolutely NO customer service skills.  I bought a book off a seller and it never came.  The day it was due to be here by the rules I contacted the seller.  He said it should have shipped already but if I didn’t get it over the weekend to email him as he had a second copy.  The book never came so I emailed him letting him know that.  The next thing I know I get an email that my money had been refunded.  While I was pissed at least he did the refund (I know you lied jerk-face). 

Most of you would be happy with the way it went but there was one minor problem.  I made the purchase with my debit card.  Remember the whole bank problem Kreestee and I had a couple weeks ago?  Yeah, I don’t have that debit card anymore.  Being responsible I immediately emailed the Half.com customer support and explained the problem.  The next the I know I get an email stating that I had received a refund.  No joke.  WHERE THE HECK IS IT GOING TO GO!!!!!!


Other than that guys it was just another tough week at work and hopefully the next one is easier!

Talk to ya later,


PS – Thought I’d attach a new picture of Mallory


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