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Today I got to see an actual purchase copy of Horror in Words Issue #1.  I was actually pretty impressed!  It came out very nicely.  Lulu.com did a very good job on it.

The funny part is0807091228a my friend asked me to sign her copy for her.  Personally I found this rather amusing but thinking back it really is quite an honor.  For posterity sake my boss came running into my office while I was signing it, grabbed my cell phone and jumped on one of my chairs to take the picture you see at the right.  That’s me folks, sitting at my desk during lunch, taking a break from writing documentation and signing Beth’s copy of Horror in Words.  I have to say I’m quite proud of this and I certainly hope to continue the trend.

So I mentioned documentation.  Yesterday we were testing a huge new module in our software and came across a peculiar bug in it.  I spent the next 2 hours (which felt like 10) finding the source of the bug and understanding what was happening.  We got that problem resolved but we needed documentation for the users so I spent 3 hours writing and 1 hour editing the docs and step by step instructions so we could release the software today.  What a week!

I’ll be posting again this weekend with some information about things I’ve learned during this period of writer’s block and how I think I’ve come out of it.  Also make sure you check my cooking blog over at A Man’s Guide to a Chick’s Stomach some time this weekend as I’ll be announcing some new things for the blog that everybody should love!


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