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Once again I can’t write.  I keep putting it off for something else and it really is troubling.  I have an awesome story line involving the apocalypse, zombies, a corrupt gov’t, and WWII aircraft.  I love it and as far as I know no one has ever gone this route.

So the real question is why am I avoiding it?  I have approx. 2 chapters worth of work done and that’s it.  Very very annoying.

On the other hand I have updated my cooking blog, ‘A Man’s Guide to a Chick’s Stomach’, with a few new recipes and instruction.  I do plan on continuing with the cooking blog as I enjoy it very much.  In the near future I will also be posting instructional videos, which leads me to my next topic.

We’ve also been investigating getting our own domains for the 3 blogs.  Anyone have any suggestions on hosts and what it costs to register the domains and host them?  Can you advertise if you register your own domain?  Just curious what everyone thought or knew about it.



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