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horrorinwordscover - Copy

As August 1 approaches I’m getting more and more excited about the first edition of ‘Horror In Words’ magazine being published.  For those of you that don’t know, I have my first published piece appearing which is ‘It Comes…’ under my pen name Benjamin Kotz.

Dennis at Horror In Words has just put up the cover and pricing for the first print edition of the magazine.  It will be $9.00 an issue and will be print on demand!

As I said above I’m very excited about this and hope that everyone else is also!  This was a big step for me that actually began as an exercise to see what a rejection letter looked like and low and behold, it got accepted.

For those of you that like my work or would just be nice and humor me, I’d be more than happy to sign a copy for you!  Who knows, it might be worth something one day!



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