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Well everyone it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here and its rather obvious part of it is because of my daughter but I’ve also been learning more about myself and my writing.

Most of you know I’ve had a poem selected for publishing in Horror In Words and I’ve actually submitted another to them for consideration but I’ve also been figuring out new writing software.  Something cool and funky but that I’m also very comfortable using and that would be Q10.  I love it.  Typewriter sounds when I hit keystrokes and a big black screen with no toolbars.  I LOVE IT!!

Another great epiphany for me has been the new title for what was formerly known as “Journals of the Apocalypse” (or JotA).  The new title is more fitting and streamlined. 


I’m very excited about this and just printed off the 100 pages of JotA that I have done so I can begin edits and rewrites that I’ve been contemplating for months now.

Also the biggest news, which I’m not afraid to announce on here since only my friends typically read this, is the announcement of my new penname and the new writing blog I’m currently setting up.  My new penname is Benjamin Kotz and the blog is located here.  It is still rather barebones but I’m continuing to add to it.  If you have any suggestions for it I’d love to hear them!

Later Peeps,

Benjamin Kotz

aka darcZombie

aka King of the zombies

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