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It is five days until my wife’s due date and I’m very excited.  Oddly enough though I’ve been gripped by a calm that has settled me down drastically.  Perhaps its the thought of moving to the country.  Perhaps its impending fatherhood.  I think it’s actually both.

Over the past few months my wife and I have begun to simplify our lives.  We cancelled cable and have been discussing selling of or disposing of quite a bit of our possession to trim down.  The cancelling of cable and our gym membership has saved us nearly $200 a month.  Simply amazing.  We find that now when the TV is on it is something we WANT to watch instead of reruns or we have thrown in a favorite movie while we clean or work around the house for some background noise.  We also have been listening to a lot of radio and music lately.  This has definitely led to a calmer life style and I’ve noticed that even though my wife’s body is coursing with hormones we have bickered and fought much less than we used to.

The move to the country is yet another motion in the direction of simplification.  Living in the city is awfully distracting.  We feel like we are pulled in many different directions for stuff we really don’t need to do.  If we were to purchase the land and house we’ve fallen in love with life would be dramatically different.  Instead of getting up in the morning and going for a cup of coffee and then running to and fro for stuff we don’t need, it would be a case of getting up and having breakfast, then surveying the land to decide what needs to be done that day.

While I grew up running the streets of Pittsburgh, I think I truly have the country in my bones.  Large gardens, growing produce and flowers, working to smooth out the property, and country life in general appeals to me so much more than running all over town trying to accomplish nothing.  While I enjoy modern, I truly long for the nights in the country watching the night sky or watching movies huddle on the couch with my wife and daughter while the wood burner blazes in the corner.  Even better is taking my wife and daughter out to the pond and teaching them how to bait a hook and take their fish off once they’ve caught one.  I will own guns but without the fear of having to use it on someone because they broke in my house or someone stealing them.  The thought of watching my dogs run and play on five acres is incredibly heart warming to.  Going out to the barn to work on something and having them follow me around as we get our daily chores done so that we can play vicious game of chase or ball or frisbee. 

Life is good my friends but making changes in it that make you happy is even better.

See you soon folks, I’m going to day dream for a little bit….

Oh and Miss Mallory?  You have 5 days honey.  Daddy’s waiting for you with open arms and unconditional love.

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