The following letter will not be opened by anyone other than my soon to be born daughter when she turns 25 or upon my death.  I will edit the letter accordingly for the day she is born but I am writing this as if she was born today.


Dear Mallory,

I have waited for 9-10 months (depending on who you talk to) to finally meet you.  What you probably don’t know is that I have truly waited 10 years.  I’ve always felt I would be a good father and I hope that on the day you read this you agree.

I can be a gruff son of a gun sometimes but there is always one constant and that is my unconditional love for you.  I sit here holding you in my arms for the first time and feel a range of emotions I have never felt before.  Joy, sadness, elation, and fear.

Joy that I have you in my life and will be able to help you grow as a woman in a tough world.  I will pass all my secrets on to you so that hopefully you don’t make all the same mistakes I have.

Sadness in that it has taken me this long to become a father.  It’s not that I never tried but things just didn’t work out and I truly believe this was meant to happen at this time of my life.

Elation that your mother and I have you in our lives.  A bad doctor prevented you from occurring even though we wanted a child but a good doctor made it happen through wisdom and patience.

Fear is about the world we live in.  To overcome this fear I will hopefully be able to impart upon you a moral understanding of life and what is right and what is wrong.  An understanding that there is no such thing as black and white but just different shades of grey. 

It is only now that I realize what fathers before me have realized and I hope that someday you realize what mothers before you have.  Having a child is special.  So special that it can’t be truly put into words.

As you read this as an adult woman, I hope that I have raised you well and that you are successful in your endeavors.  I hope that we had great times together that you will never forget and that you will pass that joy onto your children. 

Remember that no matter what, my daughter, I will always love you and do my best to protect you.

Your Father

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