We’re ready for you!  Come make your grand appearance so Mommy and Daddy can start working on possibly moving you to a better house!

I can’t wait to meet you and hold you in my arms.   I’ve already got my first serious discussion all lined up as I stare down at your fragile little form in my arms.

I know you’ll come when the time is ready but sweetheart, my little pirate, I’m ready for you to come.  I hope Mommy reads this to you and you understand how excited I am.  I’ve waited a long time for this and this last week is killing me.  I have to teach you patience as you grow up but honestly, right now I’m struggling with it.  My parents are ready to meet you.  Mommy’s parents are ready to meet you.  Aunt Jamie is ready and so are my sisters and brother.

I ready to teach you to fish.

To teach you to work with animals.

To watch Steelers games together.

To teach you how to cook.

To teach you how tools work.

To scare the living hell out of your first boyfriend.

To teach you to fly for your dreams.

To have you sleep in my arms.

Come soon little one.

Daddy is waiting for you.

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