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I’m not really sure which blog to post this on but I’m going to do it here because I know people read this.


Many of you have heard about Lima Company and the devastation that occurred to them in Anbar Province during the height of insurgency in Iraq.  Many members of this Marine unit were killed during action that may not have been necessary but let’s just leave it at, Lima Company was almost destroyed fighting their asses of.

When Lima Company came home my office went out to see them transit from the airport to the debarkation center and cheer them on.  This was a wonderful experience as the 30 miles was covered with people cheering for them as they went by.  So many young faces waving at us from the busses of troops.  So many eyes that had seen to much.  You could tell they were doing there best to be excited to be home and happy that they were loved.

I have a friend in my office building whose son was a member of Lima Company and I’ve kept tabs on the son to make sure he was ok or to try an provide sources of information hoping that they would be able to help him re-integrate with society.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe it has helped.

Today while I was out smoking his mom pulled me aside and told me that he had submitted paper work to be a mercenary.  It was then that it truly dawned on me that her son can’t turn off.  Now I never saw ‘combat’, but there are times where I find it difficult to turn off.  Thinking about what he saw and experienced in Anbar Province really bothers me because NOBODY in this country can help him.  It is so bad that he is going to continue soldiering even if it is outside of the USMC.

My heart truly hurts for him.  It is so painful and humiliating to realize that a warrior of this nation can not find assistance upon his return to try and find a ‘normalcy’ in his life.  It is disturbing that I can probably name who he has submitted his paperwork to.  But even more disturbing is that feels the need to submit that paperwork to find completeness in his life.

While I was never a Marine, I worked around them A LOT having been on an amphibious assault ship.  With just this knowledge I think I can honestly say to this young man:

Semper Fi, keep your head down and I hope you find what you are looking for.

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