photography.  And no I don’t mean porn.  I mean good photography.  Not crap.  Don’t show me what you took on your cell phone.  Put some thought and feeling in it.  The subject doesn’t have to be complicated.  Look at Ansel Adams.  It’s not like his subjects were overly deep but he put a lot of work and thought into taking the right picture.

My friend DarcKnyt got me started on a website called DeviantArt which is a home for a lot of aspiring artists.  It was on this site that I ran into one of my favorite modern photographers who is just coming into her own.  Her screen name on DeviantArt is auriethepixie but she also goes by Elizabeth May.

Miss May is currently working towards going to college in Scotland for anthropology and furthering her modeling/photography skills.  I think I’m jealous about Scotland and if I ever get a novel published I would love to have one of her pieces for the cover art.  Quite a bit of her work reminds me of the Picts, an ancient tribe of people in what is now Scotland.  I find the colors very dramatic and engaging along with settings for each photograph.

I’ve picked one of my favorite photos to post on here and a link to her website is below:


“Den Lille Havfrue”

Elizabeth May at Torn Asunder Photo

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