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I know you like to smoke stuff but really… YOU THOUGHT HE WAS A ZOMBIE?

For those of you that have not heard about this let me explain.  Woody had just gotten off a plane in NYC with his daughter when a TMZ photographer approached them taking pictures.  Woody attacks the photographer and then destroys the camera.  The whole incident is caught on tape.  This isn’t the first time Woody has done this either.

Now my problem isn’t with the altercation because I do sympathize with people that just want their privacy.  My problem is with the excuse Woody used.  He was still in character from filming a movie called Zombieland.

Absolutely ridiculous.  In character.  Really?

1)  Woody, zombies don’t have the dexterity to use cameras.

2)  Other than starring Mila Kunis the movie looks like it sucks.

3)  In character?  Obviously not enough to take a plane with a child.

Now if you had said you were protecting your daughter or privacy that’s fine but wait!  You are already facing a lawsuit for assaulting another photographer aren’t you?

Don’t blame zombies for your actions.  And certainly don’t blame that horrible thing you call acting for them either.  You never saw Sir Alec Guinness running around with a lightsaber lopping off body parts after filming any of the Star Wars movies.  When you wrap on the set it’s over.  When a photographer gets in your face call security…

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