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finished a piece of tech writing at work that I hated doing.  Unfortunately my procrastination got me in some hot water but I have managed to chalk it up as a learning experience. 

Now that we are down to the nitty gritty waiting for Ms. Mallory to arrive I am working on some development stuff for a new piece of software.  That’s truly what I enjoy doing now.  Screen mockups and presentations for the software.  I developed the idea of the software about two years ago but we now have the time to devote to it so we are running with the concept.  Also that allows me to take off at a moments notice if Kristy goes into labor which I’m pretty sure she hopes is soon.

I’ve come up with a new idea for my winter wood working I’d like to discuss with my wife now that she is a captive audience and I think it will go over like gangbusters if I’m lucky.  It kind of involves retasking some of the rooms in the house now that we don’t have cable.

Speaking of not having cable it really is an enlightening experience.  I find myself not being a slave to the TV.  Last night when I got home I immediately began cleaning out the gutters on the house.  Normally I would have gotten engrossed in some damn TV show but instead I went out and worked.  When I was done, or more accurately my back was done I then treated myself to a movie and some episodes of Miami Vice Season 1.  What an awesome show that was!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone,


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