It’s OK if you want to call me a dork because I build models.  I really enjoy the process of putting them together, painting, and weathering.  I used to be the type that could whip one out in a day or so but now as I’ve gotten older I tend to work at a snails pace, a half hour here and there.

My subject material is what interests me.  Primarily WWII aircraft.  P-51 Mustangs, Me-109’s, and the B-17 are may favorites.  I’ll have to put up some of my airshow photographs that I use for reference.  I have a lot of nose-art pictures that I use also.

There is just something about build the cockpit and undercarriage then fastening those to the body of the aircraft and painting the finished project.  Then I’ll whip out my earth-tone chalks and weather the aircraft trying to get it to look as real as possible.

I use brushes and an airbrush to paint with.  Nothing fancy.  Just enough to get the job done.  I have some kits at home I’m looking forward to working on as soon as that damn basement is finished. 

I’ve noticed that my hobbies are ones that I can spend short spans of time working on which I think will be beneficial once Mallory is born.

I used to have a huge collection of unbuilt kits but I thinned those out over the years and am now VERY selective in what I purchase.  Kits I actually build like the car from Mad Max/ The Road Warrior.  I have a B-17, a couple Me-109’s and a couple P-51’s in the mix with some odds and ends.  I kept some of my figurines also.  Next time I’m at my parents house I take some pictures of ones I’ve completed and post them on here.  I gave most of them to my Mom because she loved those figures once I completed them.

This weekend I hope to work in the basement clearing more stuff out and maybe making a dumpster run for trash AFTER I do yard work.  It’s supposed to be pretty decent here and I need to get the debris cleaned up from bringing down the tree that was in the front yard.  I have gravel and dog poo I need to police also.  Once that is done then I need to cut the grass and then maybe, just maybe I’ll finally get some more time in the dungeon I call a basement.

Have a good Thursday people and make sure you tell someone you love them,


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