I grew up with a father that was a professional cabinet designer.  He would build some of the most amazing things when I was a kid.  The one that sticks out in my head and I know for a fact is still there was a built-in china cabinet in the home I grew up in.

In the 80’s when money was tight you learned to scavenge lumber out of people’s trash piles.  That’s actually how we got the doors for the china cabinet.  The shelves and some of the bottom structure were made out of a donated pin-pong table.  It was gorgeous.  I actually got to have a tour of the house last year and I got to explain how the cabinet was made to the new owners.  They were very appreciative of all the information I could give them on the old house.  Me?  I just got a warm fuzzy seeing all the stuff that my dad and I did when I was little still standing.

The first project I’ll be working on later this summer will be a built in bookshelf that will stand approx 6.5 feet tall and be about 30 inches wide.  It is going into my writing room which also serves as a guest bedroom so I am a little limited on space.  This isn’t a bad thing though since this will be my first project that I’m doing.

I plan on using finish grade pine for the lumber and building in adjustable shelves except for one in the middle which is used as a stiffener for the bookcase.  This is also an exercise in finishing so I’ll be trying some different methods for filling nail holes and apply stain to the lumber.  With pine staining can be tricky because it tends to blotch quite a bit so I’ll be applying a pretreatment to the wood before I apply the stain.

Hopefully if all goes well my wife will allow me to move on to bigger projects around the house like entertainment centers and more built-in cabinetry in different rooms of the the house.  I’ll make sure to post pictures of the project as I move along and reclaim my writing room!



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