You can tell I have decided to reactivate my blog.  It isn’t so much that I’m giving in but I have realized in some ways I’m cheating myself out of a couple things.

1) I’m still pissed off but I enjoy putting stuff out there.

2) I was NOT organized to say the least.

3) I’m not reopening any of my written material on this blog.

Here is how it’s going to work.

1) I have two other blogs on top of this one I have registered.  The first on is and the other is  Here are there functions: – This will be where all my fictional work will reside.  I am now going to be pursuing a publisher even harder because I damn well know that some of my stuff is better than what is on the shelves now.  I also know that with some work some of my other stuff will be there also.  This blog will most likely not have new material for awhile.  At least until I can reclaim my writing room.  The material I wrote there was awesome.  Chapter 16 of JotA for example. – This will become my weekly newspaper blog.  I will write one blog post a week pertaining to the current condition of this country and its citizens.  The newspaper will be titled ‘The American Realist.’  I will go by the name Uncle Sam on it.  This is the only way I will identify myself.  No one will be safe on this blog.  It is my opinions and commentary on the nation.

The blog you are currently reading has become my personal blog.  I will continue to update stuff about my life, my wife, and my soon to be born daughter on here.

As for my writing, I hope you have enjoyed the material I have posted so far and will continue to enjoy the things I have put on other pages.  DarcKnyt, I will have a request coming to you in email as soon as I know you have read this.  It is a small personal favor I need some help with.

Give me a few more days to calm down and I’ll start sorting things out and moving them to their new homes.

Shout at ya later,


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