I sit here, having just gotten home, reflecting on my day and it isn’t going well. 

I’ve been fortunate in my life to succeed in many things but with all successes come an equal amount of failures.  I consider my blog one of those.  It is with no amount of regret that I am stopping my blog.  I have turned most of it private for now and have begun bringing my works down from it for my own personal archives.

It is entirely possible I will be back on here in 2-3 months or even 2-3 weeks.  Of that I am unsure.  Will I continue writing?  Well, that is the million dollar question.  I’m just not sure right now.  I know which way I am leaning but that is a discussion for another time.

While I do feel like I’m letting down some friends, this is a choice I have to make for now.

I will honor my Kiriban winners who are Kreestee, DarcKnyt, and Bryce Beattie.  I have some ideas for short stories for them that I would really like to try and once I have completed them they can post those stories if they so choose.

I have to pay tribute to my friends on here who have helped me.  DarcKnyt, Bryce Beattie, DarcsFalcon, and of course my beautiful wife Kreestee.

For those of you who read regularly I thank you very much.

But for now folks I bid you adieu.  Perhaps I will cross your path again.

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