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We have made the plunge to cancel our cable service.  I know it’s very Luddite of us but when we really sat down and looked at what we watch there was only one show we honestly watched regularly and that is ‘Ghost Hunters’ on Sci-Fi. 

With a baby on the way and summer here what do I need cable for anyways?  I’m keeping my NetFlix membership and I have an Xbox 360 which lets me stream NetFlix over the Internet.  Plus we have one of the top-rated libraries in the nation here that has plenty of movies and TV series in box set.

After doing some soul searching I’ve found that the reason we don’t eat dinner at the dining room table is because of TV.  I have also discovered that I don’t get nearly as much done around the house because I get roped into reruns of shows and that takes me away from the stuff I would really like to accomplish.

Now the biggest question has been about Steelers games.  We have a plan for that in place.  If it is on regular television we will take the baby to my parents for the game and if it isn’t televised we will go to my in-laws to watch the game since they have Sunday Ticket.  Such is the way of life.

We are also cancelling our gym membership so I believe we will be saving nearly $200 a month.  That is money we can bankroll and use if the time comes that those funds are needed.  With Spring and Summer on the horizon, I have a LOT of projects to do around the house and outside that we already have the supplies for so those projects will definitely be completed first BEFORE anything new is started.  That means I will have to container garden this year instead of putting in my raised beds.  That sucks but what can you do?

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