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As any reader of my blog knows, I am a veteran.  US Navy to be exact, but when our troops are deployed in combat it really doesn’t matter.  I try to do what I can to help my brothers out.

Recently a young lady in my office building came to me and said she was marrying her boyfriend who was about to deploy.  We talked for awhile and for what it was worth I gave my ‘blessing’ because I have an understanding of how the military and Red Cross work.  If she was just a girlfriend and something happened she would never be notified which I think is just tragic.

So I will be tracking the movements of Sgt. Donovan on my blog as he redeploys to Iraq(DZ edit) Afghanistan.  Currently his is in Indiana and is getting closer and closer to the flight to the sandbox.  I pray that everything goes well for him and as Laura provides me with more information I will make sure you guys know what is happening!


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