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If you have your choice as to what type of zombie to be exposed to OR if you are wondering what you can expect in your neck of the woods the following chart should help!


Classic slow moving, bewildered zombies – You want to be in Pittsburgh, PA.  The unofficial land of the dead.  All the Romero dead movies take place in or around Pittsburgh and while they have been created by external forces, these zombies are the classic shuffling, ‘Brains’ muttering undead.


FAST undead – Europe.  28 Days or Weeks Later proves this point.  Those undead really know where the hell they are going and they are going there fast!


Goofy Undead – If you are a perv and want to catch a topless zombie running around or a bunch of zombies dancing the only place to go is a college campus.  There are plenty of B and C grade movies out there to support this theory.


Catch phrase, boney undead – You must time travel for this.  See Army of Darkness for instructions.


Raw, insane, science experiment undead – All over the world.  See Resident Evil Trilogy for more info but understand these buggers can be fast or slow.  Finally just understand that they ALL want to kill you no matter what.


I hope this little guide has been helpful and you can plan your next vacation accordingly.  Especially since it will be your LAST!

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