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I love bookstores, as you can probably imagine.  Almost as much as I love libraries.  That being said the only time I set foot in a ‘Super’ Bookstore (Barnes & Noble / Borders) is when I have the absolute intention of purchasing a book.  Case in point is ‘Patient Zero’ by Jonathan Maberry.  Went into the store, finally found a copy (heaven forbid it’s in sci-fi), checked out and went home to covet my new prize.  IF I want to ‘browse’ for books I’m going to one of my local bookstores like Half Price Books or The Book Loft, because they have better deals.

Now my problem with the ‘Super’ stores is this.  Why can’t I find the good stuff in here?  Simple answer really.  Most of the stuff being written today sucks.  Plain and simple.  Also, why do they feel they have to have those big comfy chairs in a bookstore?

Stop Loss: The ability to prevent theft in a place of business.

Store security, magnetic tags, and cameras are all methods of stop loss.  Big comfy chairs in a bookstore are NOT!!!  If someone has been in a chair in a ‘Super’ bookstore for more than 10 minutes they are NOT buying the book.  They are using it for research or actually reading it.  I see this all the damn time.  A great method of stop loss in this case would be wireless alarms that go to custom service.  If the pressure switch has been active for 10-15 minutes let someone know so they can politely offer ASSISTANCE to the person reading said book.  Maybe, just maybe, the price of books would go down a little bit.

The worst thing about this are the people committing the act.  I have bad knees and a bad back.  Standing too long in one of these stores causes me great discomfort (pain but I don’t like that word) and I could use to sit down for a minute or two until it to abates some, so that I can continue to find things to spend my hard earned money on.  Here I am limping around the store and does anyone get up and offer me their seat?  Nope, because they are too damn busy stealing someone’s work and raising the prices for the rest of us.  Complete and total crap.

Finally who the eff decided to put coffee shops in bookstores?  Beverages and books.  Not a good combination.  Ranks up their with crackers/chips and a keyboard.  IF you go into one of these stores to make a purchase never, ever, take the first copy of the book.  Always go down two or three to be on the safe side.

Ok.  Enough of that.  Keep your eyes open everyone because I’ll be posting a review of ‘Patient Zero’ by Jonathan Maberry!

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