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I have a monumental past weekend folks and I apologize for my absence around here but I think you’ll be understanding as to why I’ve been gone.

Everything started last fall when my wife found out we were expecting and I finally reached a point in my life where I was ready to begin the journey into Freemasonry.  While many people look down upon the Masonic Order, I realize that is there choice.  I have no problem with that.  My choice was based on family tradition and an inner calling.  Some are called to military service, some are called to the pulpit, I was called to Freemasonry.

My Grandfather was a Mason and so is my father.  This past Thursday I became one also.  It was a very moving evening where I began to understand a lot about myself and who I am as a man.  The highlight of the evening was a very emotional moment where my father presented me with my Grandfather’s Masonic pin.  It was quite a tear laden moment as his legacy was passed on to me.  See, I never really got to know my Grandfather like others have.  By the time I was really able to forge a relationship with him, he had relocated to Florida and passed on when I was in my late teens, so to have my father present me with his pin was very touching.  My Grandfather joined in 1946 and my father in the 1976.  Now here it is, 2009, and I’m am a member also.

Friday we had a company come out and clean our ventilation system in our house.  If you have never had it done, I highly recommend it.  It ended up being around $300 for the whole house but it was worth it so my unborn daughter has a clean home to live in.  Many people were skeptical, but let me tell you, they found a dead bird in one of the vent lines.  I do believe we’ll be having this done every 4-6 years.

Saturday my wife was out enjoying here Xmas present from me and the dogs, a day at the spa.  She loved it and I’ll probably do it again for here.  This allowed me time to fix things around the house like the railing on the front porch.  I also worked in the basement trying to get is situated so we can get extra stuff stored down there.  Later in the day her family began to come into town and we proceeded to head up to her parents and hang out with everyone.  Unfortunately the dinner choice was Donato’s pizza.  It only takes 3 pieces of this to make me VERY sick, so I suffered through a good part of the evening.  On the flip side it was wonderful to see everyone.

On Sunday we had the baby shower.  Wow.  Talk about baby overload.  The most memorable moment for me was when my wife opened a gift bag that had the rocker I was given when I was two by my aunt.  Since Kristy and I had pretty much given up hope the rocker had been given to a friend of my mom’s when they moved.  Barb, when she found out we were expecting, returned it to us at the shower.  A very touching and wonderful moment.  I don’t think anyone but my mom and Barb realized why I was crying.

Then last night I continued to clean up all the presents and wrapping from the shower and began to dismantle the diaper cake.  I held a Swaddler in my hand for really the first time and this is where the realization came in.  I’m bringing a life into this world.  My daughter, Mallory Jayne.  I’m so looking forward to meeting her.  We have about 6 weeks to go little one and we will be best friends forever.  I will always be there for you.  Even when you are a teenager, full of angst and dislike for me.  I will listen, support, teach, and protect.  Most of all I will love you no matter what.

So with all this realization I am providing my one free warning to the world.  I have procreated and my child will be on this planet.  If anyone out there feels that they can do her harm, I recommend you get to know me first.  I believe you’ll change your mind rather quickly.

Hopefully I’ll be on here more now that the nursery is nearly completed.  I have to paint one side of the door and hang it.  Just realize the good weather is coming and when it gets here I’m outside a lot.  But we’ll save that for another post!

Take care everyone,


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