There’s a shocker right?  Me?  Upset?  Never.

I’m was sitting in my chair finishing up ‘Vampires’ and trying to work on my secret project, Code Name Lusi.  See I have all these incredible ideas in my head for stories but I kinda rush through the writing process and do this whole tell and not show.

Thank God I’ve got great friends like J. Dane Tyler who will read through it and point out the flaws without pissing me off. 

So back to my chair.  I’m trying to begin converting my ‘told’ story to a ‘shown’ story and can’t do it.  For once in my life I can’t find the descriptive words I need to show the reader the story.  I don’t even think I could bullshit my way out of a paper bag.  And I’m an expert at that.  Ask my

Oh well.  It happens.  It’s not writer’s block.  Just not feeling very descriptive.  At least I enjoyed Kill Bill Vol. 1..  Then I went to bed.

The End


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