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As most of you know, at least my friends, I grew up on the hills of Pittsburgh, PA.  A little known fact about Pittsburgh is the number of movies that are filmed there.  Movies like FlashDance, House Guest, Striking Point, and of course Night of the Living Dead.  This last movie brings me to my topic for the evening, Zombie Movies.

While there are all different types and levels of quality to this genre of movie, I tend to personally prefer the B+ to A level movie.  I own the Resident Evil Trilogy, Night of the Living Dead, and perhaps my all time favorite, Shock Waves.  How the hell do you beat Nazi Zombies?  Exactly, you can’t.


The movies stars a staple of horror movies in Peter Cushing, who to you sci-fi nuts out there, played Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars.  Nazi zombies from the deep?  Someone was stoned or drunk when they came up with this one.  If you call yourself a fan of zombie movies and you don’t own this you are way off base!  It breaks the mold of zombies and turns it in a unique direction.

The beginning and end are incredible and really throw you for a curve.  That’s all I’m going to say on that.  Great movie and worth the $10 to $20 you can pick it up for at half.com.

What’s your favorite zombie movie?  If you don’t have one….find one!


Talk to ya later my zombie chow,


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