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It is the HARDEST thing I have ever tried.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve done other stuff that was very hard but failure at those wouldn’t cost me my life or have an impact on my wife or unborn child.

I need to quit.  Just stop smoking but I’ve always had problems with willpower.  When Kristy and I were just dating I quit for between 6-8 months and damn did it feel good.  Most people ask “why did you start again?”  Easy.  I talked myself into it and blamed it on stress.

I hate it.  That simple.  The taste.  The smell.  The effects on my body.  Just horrible.  Why do I continue?  I’ve never really figured out the best way to quit and because I’ve failed in the past I’m sure I’ll fail this time. 

So let me tell you why I smoke…



That’s it.  There is no reason.  Typically in life I will only do things that benefit myself.  I’m not self centered.  I help people all the time but if I am doing something for me, it better pay off in the long run.  Smoking just doesn’t.  I’m so frazzled and tired because of the smoking I don’t know what to do.  The gum this morning made me sick.  The patches won’t stick.  I’m allergic to Zyban and I don’t want to take Chantix because of the side affects that I’ve heard about.  A pregnant wife and an imbalanced person trying to quit in the same house is how you spell ‘Bad News’.  So what am I to do?  I looked on line and you’d think there would be a lot of free stuff from the CDC or Cancer Society but they all want money.  So I think I’ll do the old pro’s and con’s trick.  This will be taken from the view point of quitting (pro’s for quitting/ con’s for quitting)

Return of Taste Bad Attitude during quitting (I already have a bad attitude)
Ease in Breathing Chance of failure (been there done that)
No More Stink  
Save Money  
Family doesn’t have to smell it  
Increase endurance  
Clean Car  
General Happiness  
No more Monkey on the back (he’s heavy)  
Decreased Grouchiness  


So in the long run there are no cons to quitting.  I don’t need the damn things.  I HATE them.  And for once hate is not too strong of a word.

I think every time I want one I’m going to post a brief little blog to distract myself.  My life can not continue like this.  This cycle MUST stop.  It started when I was 19.  I just turned 36.  Seventeen years of this crap.  It is time for it to stop.


My Friends I’m asking you to pray, burn incense, sacrifice something, or whatever floats your boat but if you see a little blurb on here about not smoking give me some reassurance.  Tell me I’m right.  Tell me I can do it.  Tell me I don’t need those damn things.


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