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As I sit here burning some CDs, watching Bones, and waiting for Ghost Hunters, I thought I would jot some stuff down and see if anyone decides to comment or chime in.

I’m frustrated because my wife calls me up when she is in the tub to see the baby kick and of course when I get there the Little One decides to not do anything.  I guess in some ways I feel left out.  Now granted, I have not been reading or talking to her like I should but part of me does feel outside the experience which is kinda frustrating.  But I’ve come to realize I’m going to have to spend time with the little one before she is born if I want the bond I’m looking for.  I have an interesting bond with my dogs but I want even more between Mallory and myself.

I’m definitely looking forward to communicating with a human sidekick though.  I can tell her that eating poo is not healthy and she should never do that.  With dogs you just tell them NO but with a human at least there will be understanding.  Picking your nose is OK, eating it is debatable, but messing with poo is not OK.

I’ve decided to quit smoking.  Monday is my quit day.  I’ve done this long enough and with a little one on the way it’s time for me to stop.  I figure through a two day weekend I can get a two day head start on the nicotine withdrawals and since I only smoke at work, I’ll use the Nicorette gum to help me out.  I have to say I miss not smoking.  I miss tasting my food and being able to breathe.

The other thing coming up is getting the air ducts in the house cleaned.  They’ve never been cleaned as far as I know and they should be done every so often but hopefully this will help clean the air around house and maybe help my allergies out.  That happens in March and I have a vacation day scheduled for then also since I’ll have to be out very late the night before for a lodge meeting.

I have a lot of projects I’m trying to work on also with the nursery, front porch and a veggie garden that will be approx. 100 sqft. when it’s done.  The garden is something that I’m really looking forward to.  I think if I were to win the Mega Millions on Friday that’s what I would do with my life.  Raise my kids, rescue Border Collies/Aussies, play golf, and grow veggies and sell that at a Farmer’s market on weekends for cost.  Not to make money but to put food in peoples mouths.  Call me crazy.

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now.  Tomorrow is Thursday and I’ve had enough of this week already.  Be good to each other folks!!

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